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Climate Capsule Week of February 14th

2/15/2011 // By George Ho

Welcome to the redesigned and online Climate Capsule, National Wildlife Federation’s weekly climate change newsletter! I look forward to any suggestions and feedback about the new look and feel, which aims to make catching up on global warming news faster, …

NWF, NRDC Remind Attorney General to Count Gusher’s Oil AND Gas

8/25/2010 // By Miles Grant

The National Wildlife Federation has been a leader in pressing the federal government to hold BP & other parties fully accountable for the Gulf disaster. While attention has been focused on the oil spilled, NWF joined NRDC today in writing …

“Politico” Ad Calls on President to Stop Dirty Fuels Pipeline

7/14/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

NWF, Sierra Club and NRDC are stepping up the pressure on the White House to intervene and stop construction of the massive and dangerous Keystone XL pipeline that would further addict the U.S. to dirty fuels and oil generally. The …

Star Power Gets Behind Clean Energy

1/28/2010 // By Miles Grant

New NRDC video featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Forest Whittaker, Edward Norton and some other big names calling for the Senate to pass clean energy & climate legislation now