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American-made Electric Cars: President Obama and High School Students Agree

1/26/2011 // By Mary Ellen Kustin

In last night’s State of the Union address, President Obama reiterated his goal to see 1 million plug-in and electric vehicles on the road by 2015.  Electric vehicles (EVs) are a great example of the potential of American innovation to …

Big Oil’s Pipeline Scheme to Increase Midwest Gas Prices

1/24/2011 // By Jeremy Symons

It’s an old story: oil companies increase gas prices and their profits soar. But rarely do we get an inside view of how they manipulate markets to drive up prices, and even rarer still an opportunity to stop it from …

(VIDEO) Enviros Launch Ads Attacking Dirty Tar Sands Pipeline

11/30/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

A coalition of conservation and environmental groups that include NWF are calling on President Obama to put the brakes on the rush to rapid tar sands extraction that is polluting Canadian ecosystems beyond repair and killing wildlife while belching three …


5 Outdoor Adventures for Mother’s Day

4/29/2010 // By Guest Author

Give mom a break—and plan a fun excursion outside on May 9

Obama Presses Senate to Pass Clean Energy & Climate Bill

4/20/2010 // By Miles Grant

President Obama is sending a clear message to Senate leaders, asking them to pass clean energy & climate legislation as soon as work on financial reform is done: “This is one of these foundational priorities from my perspective that has …

Obama: “Don’t Give Up” on Carbon Cap

2/4/2010 // By Miles Grant

  President Obama delivered a clear message to Senate Democrats yesterday — just because comprehensive clean energy & climate legislation is hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing: “Don’t give up on that,” Obama said in a televised question-and-answer session …

Highlight of the Week: Obama Bumps Up Copenhagen Slate as EPA Rules on Carbon

12/10/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

The president is changing his travel plans. President Obama will now head to the international climate summit in Copenhagen during the critical closing days of the summit, rather than at the outset, spurred by strong support for climate action and …

Added Momentum to Copenhagen

12/4/2009 // By Larry Schweiger

In a strong signal of support for an international climate treaty, President Obama has changed his travel schedule and will now be attending the conclusion of the upcoming climate treaty discussions in Copenhagen. I’m glad to see this important sign …

Good News For Climate Deal? Obama Shifts Copenhagen Schedule

12/4/2009 // By Miles Grant

NWF Activist Joins White House Clean Energy Economy Forum

12/2/2009 // By Miles Grant

The Obama administration is hosting Clean Energy Economy Forum at the White House tonight.