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Obama on ACES

5/22/2009 // By Miles Grant

The House Energy & Commerce Committee passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act last night! Here’s President Obama’s reaction: I commend Chairman Waxman and the Members of the Energy and Commerce Committee for a successful effort to pass a […] Read more >

10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media

5/12/2009 // By Danielle Brigida

At National Wildlife Federation we are very serious about protecting wildlife for our children’s future. That’s why we are very active on social media sites, because we know that there are a number of ways these sites can protect wildlife […] Read more >

Disappointing Decision on Polar Bear Protection

5/8/2009 // By Miles Grant

The decision is in, and it’s not what we were hoping for. The Obama administration has announced it will stick with the Bush administration’s regulation weakening protections for the threatened polar bear. The rule, put in place in the waning […] Read more >

AEI: You Can Think Polar Bears are Cute. Or Threatened. But Not Both.

5/8/2009 // By Miles Grant

While we’re waiting on a decision from the Obama administration on protecting polar bears, I thought I’d  pass along this little laugher from the American Enterprise Institute: The National Wildlife Federation, which sells cute little plush polar bears, warns us […] Read more >

Polar Bear Protection Decision Due

5/8/2009 // By Miles Grant

UPDATE 10:27am: Hearing we may get a decision this morning. I’ll keep you updated. A critical decision is expected any minute now from the Obama administration: A decision involving the iconic polar bear could determine whether protecting endangered species might […] Read more >

Obama to Huddle with House Dems on Clean Energy Bill

5/5/2009 // By Miles Grant

President Obama is calling all 36 Democrats from the House Energy & Commerce Committee to a meeting at the White House today: A White House aide said Obama plans to meet with the lawmakers Tuesday to discuss two of his […] Read more >

New Poll: Voters Cheer Obama’s Fuel Efficiency Push

4/28/2009 // By Miles Grant

Now that we’re through President Obama’s first 100 days, which of his policy decisions has proven to be the most popular with voters? A new Marist poll has the answer: During his first 100 days in office, President Obama has […] Read more >

Budget Could Bring a Flow of Funding for the Great Lakes

4/2/2009 // By Caroline Wick

As some of you already know, Congress is busy this week working on a budget resolution for the coming year. Fortunately, the resolution they’re discussing includes important investments in conserving our natural resources and reducing global warming. And among these […] Read more >

Clean Cars for California = A Cleaner Future for All

3/12/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

It’s hard to make that trip to the gas station nowadays. Not only do we all need to pinch a few pennies in these tough economic times, but there’s the “carbon guilt” too. To reduce cars’ effects on rising levels […] Read more >

Great News: Endangered Species Act Restored!

3/3/2009 // By Danielle Brigida

The Endangered Species Act was returned to its old form today, when President Obama directed federal agencies to once again consult with independent scientists at the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine if […] Read more >