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Climate Capsule: Earth, Snow & Fire

6/14/2011 // By Amanda Stone

This week’s stories: Highlight of the Week: Comments on Keystone Quote: Representative Bob Inglis (R-SC) Economic Story of the Week: USDA Grants Help Farmers Face Climate Change Editorial of the Week: Solutions: Time to rethink flood control Declining Snowpack Strains …

Tar Sands – EPA Says State Dept Did Inadequate Risk Review

6/7/2011 // By Tony Iallonardo

The Keystone XL second environmental impact statement is “inadequate” according to a document released by the Environmental Protection Agency today. Over 260,000 Americans wrote to the State Department in opposition to the controversial pipeline.  State is in charge of permitting …

A 2007 Enbridge pipeline explosion. Could it happen again?

US DOT Order Shuts Down Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline for Corrective Action

6/3/2011 // By Tony Iallonardo

As the State Department likely wraps up a comment period on the second round of environmental review for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline on Monday, the US Department of Transportation today issued a first-ever “Corrective Action Order” for the leak-prone one year …

House Members Blast Keystone XL Tar Sludge Pipeline

6/1/2011 // By Tony Iallonardo

June 1 Breaking News – Thirty four House members wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today to request a meeting over the agency’s “failed” environmental review. They issue a series of conditions State should take prior to continuing the …

Tar sands oil extraction poisons waterways, producing mutated, lesion ridden fish.

SIGN UP – Tar Sands Dangers to Draw Thousands in Virtual Town Hall

5/26/2011 // By Tony Iallonardo

Award winning journalist and author Andrew Nikiforuk will speak to thousands of concerned conservationists in a virtual town hall meeting next week.  He’ll discuss the disastrous repercussions for wildlife and NWF will urge sportsmen to mobilize to stop the controversial and …