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The Amazing Lives of Leaping Wildlife

3/16/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

Staying with the 2011 National Wildlife Week theme of “wildlife that move us,” we are looking today at wildlife that engage in jumping, leaping and hopping or otherwise use bursts of energy to propel themselves into the air.  Of the many ways that …

Bald Penguin Gets A Wetsuit

8/15/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

Ralph the Humbolt Penguin suddenly lost his feathers.  This created some problems for him and his keepers.  But his family (a mate and two chicks) needs him and he was unable to avoid going outdoors at Marwell Wildlife near Winchester in …

Clean Cars for Penguins

4/3/2009 // By Julia Marden

Okay, okay, you and I both know that penguins don’t drive. But they stand to benefit just as much from hybrids and electric cars as we do. Recently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that seven species of penguins–nearly …

Wildlife on the Red Carpet

2/22/2009 // By Julia Marden

This penguin may not be at the Oscars tonight, but director Werner Herzog will be there for his film: Encounters at the End of the World If you're watching the Academy Awards tonight, be sure to look out for the …

Warming World Threatens Penguins, Too

1/6/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

Remember March of the Penguins? It was truly impressive to me to watch the incredible strength and patience these birds have to make that long, hard journey through the Antarctic winter each year. But here’s some sad news for anyone …

10 Extraordinary Animal Tactics for Surviving the Cold

2/27/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

Whether they hibernate, have thick fur coats or take shelter, animals are masters of surviving the cold weather. Here are a number of interesting animals and the fascinating things they do to survive harsh conditions. Japan’s macaques monkeys keep warm …

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