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Earth Day Flashback: 30 Years of Working to Preserve PA’s Wildlife

4/16/2010 // By NWF

This column by Larry Schweiger, then president & CEO of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, originally ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on April 23, 2000, marking the 30th annual Earth Day. With the 40th Earth Day set for April 22, 2010, […] Read more >

Pittsburgh’s Promise: A Green Revitalization

9/24/2009 // By Miles Grant

And we’re live from Pittsburgh at the G20! The National Wildlife Federation is hosting a forum this morning focusing on the lessons of Pittsburgh’s green jobs revival. It’s a subject near & dear to the heart of NWF President & […] Read more >

Clean Energy Images from G20

9/23/2009 // By Miles Grant

Greenpeace activists hung from one of Pittsburgh’s many bridges to unfurl a huge banner reading “Climate Destruction Ahead: Reduce CO2 Emissions Now.” Seemed to be effective at getting the message across without burdening commuters. “The smart thing about it is […] Read more >

Waking Up to Bold Coffee and Bold Climate Action

9/23/2009 // By Miles Grant

I’m in Pittsburgh this week, covering some G20 events for the National Wildlife Federation. Went down to get some coffee this morning (Starbucks Anniversary Blend – just OK, but better than the Pike Roast, which tastes like coal slurry) and […] Read more >

Not Allowed in “Families for Coal” Group: Families

8/14/2009 // By Miles Grant

I hopped in the National Wildlife Federation Prius yesterday to drive from our headquarters in Reston, VA to the Netroots Nation blogger conference here in Pittsburgh, PA. Every 30 miles or so along the side of the highway in Pennsylvania, […] Read more >

New Jobs at Solar Mirror Plant in Pittsburgh

7/23/2009 // By Larry Schweiger

If Congress enacts a new energy policy that caps global warming pollution, America could produce millions of new clean energy jobs like the jobs being created at the new solar mirror plant in Pittsburgh. The other option is we can […] Read more >

Into the Belly of the Beast – Schweiger Takes on Conservative Radio Host

5/15/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

Real leadership is uncomfortable. It involves the willingness to do whatever it takes to promote truth – even if it means walking right into enemy territory – right into the belly of the beast. It involves facing the opposition with […] Read more >

Kids and Wildlife – A Perfect Big Screen Combination

4/10/2006 // By Larry Schweiger

As a young boy, my two brothers and I spent much of our free time playing in a forested area called Fox Ridge twelve miles north of Pittsburgh. It was our world. We knew every tree in the woods, every […] Read more >