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Children in mountains

They Won’t Stop with the Clean Air Act

2/4/2011 // By John Kostyack

New legislation is based around one premise: Regulation of carbon pollution would make our air too clean. You have to wonder what’s next. Is our drinking water too safe? Are our endangered species too protected?

U.S. Capitol (via Flickr's Krossbow)

Americans to Congress: Pass Alternative Energy Legislation First

2/3/2011 // By Miles Grant

If you’re a member of Congress who wants to do something to make almost everyone in your district happy – no matter their political affiliation – a new Gallup poll says your best bet would be to vote for legislation …

Get it? Chairs?

Will Energy And Science Chairs Become Kindling For Post-Election Blaze?

12/8/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Late yesterday, the House GOP Steering Committee recommended Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) as the next chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. They could have chosen far, far worse (meanwhile, Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX), a climate denier, was picked …

Apologies to Benjamin Franklin.

Dear New Incumbent: Help America Solve Big Problems Again, Starting With Climate Change

11/3/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Letter to a new member of Congress Dear New Incumbent- There was a time when we led the league in muscular thinking. The flattop American in square glasses and a pocket protector was an icon of western exceptionalism: he and …

Blind Elephants

Republicans Can Lead On Climate…If They Open Their Eyes

10/20/2010 // By Max Greenberg

When politicians take pains to miss the point, are they really being leaders? The parable of the blind men and the elephant is near and dear to many a cartoonist’s heart*—never more so than when the public sphere is clogged …

Power Grab

Cheap Shot: Polluters Cry ‘Power Grab,’ Attack Crucial U.S. Conservation Rules

10/13/2010 // By Max Greenberg

The EPA is moving to regulate the carbon pollution that drives global warming. It’s about time, right?

Big Oil Bailout Vote Looks Likely By June 10

6/1/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

Wait a minute. In the depths of a Great Recession and the likely decimation of Gulf Coast fishing, tourism and recreation industries caused by BP’s oil spill, the Senate thinks it’s time for a vote on a “Big Oil Bailout?” …

NWF President: “It’s Past Time for a New Energy Plan for America”

5/12/2010 // By Miles Grant

“The American Power Act has the one ingredient that is absolutely essential for any energy bill to be worth doing. It holds oil companies and other corporations accountable for doing their fair share to reduce pollution,” said NWF President & CEO Larry Schweiger.

Washington Post Calls for “Smart” Senate Clean Energy & Climate Bill

4/5/2010 // By Miles Grant

Today’s Washington Post gets behind the efforts of Senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham & Joe Lieberman to craft bipartisan clean energy & climate legislation.

Tribal Representatives Meet With Senators

3/29/2010 // By NWF

On March 22nd and 23rd, more than 30 tribal leaders and representatives from across the country gathered in our nation’s capital to assert the importance of comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation, and to reaffirm that the needs and concerns …