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AASHE Bulletin now covering international news

8/13/2009 // By NWF

This week marks the first edition of AASHE’s Global Edition of the Bulletin. Alongside ClimateEdu, the Bulletin is one of the best sources of news on the campus sustainability scene, but until now has only covered stories in the US …

Shifting from RECs to Offsets–AASHE 2008

11/11/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

To the surprise of the presenter, Dave Newport of CU-Boulder, this afternoon’s discussion of GHG offsets and Renewable Energy Credits didn’t degenerate into fisticuffs or even a red-faced screaming match. In fact, the discussion was downright welcoming, which is what …

LED University encourages bulb-switch on campus

5/6/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

It’s almost a given that any discussion of energy efficiency will, at some point, address light bulbs. CFLs, which use about 25% of the energy required by traditional bulbs, are already mainstream and can save a significant amount of wattage. …

Is it possible to be energy efficient in hot summer weather?

7/13/2006 // By Kristy Jones

Of course! There are several ways to save energy and keep cool during the summer. When leaving home in the morning close the blinds and curtains part way to keep the sun out and keep the house cool. Avoid using …

Make like a bear and hibernate

6/30/2006 // By Jen Fournelle

We all know how much college students love to sleep! Unfortunately most college students do not let their computers sleep at all—many are left on 24 hours a day! Computers are undoubtedly necessity for many college students and offices, although …

Campus Climate Progress Begins at Home

10/21/2005 // By NWF

In college, "home" often means "dorm room." While college dormatories typically share a number of the same energy and environmental features of other buildings on campus, they are also the students’ residences. As such, dorms offer a special opportunity to …