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Checking in with Utah’s shortened workweek

8/6/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Almost exactly one year ago, ClimateEdu's premiere issue included a story about several Utah organizations and universities that switched to a four-day workweek schedule on a trial basis, hoping to reduce GHG emissions and provide an extra benefit to employees. …

Quick Cut: Use the Revolving Door

3/20/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Here at Campus Ecology, we try to find big, manageable ways for campuses to cut their emissions. However, we definitely don’t want to ignore the fact that small choices, over time and with enough participation, can yield big dividends. So …

Exercise for the Environment!

7/28/2006 // By Jen Fournelle

We have all heard it a million times: EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR YOU! But exercising can be good for the environment too. How many times a week do you hop in your car to drive a mile or two down the road …

Make like a bear and hibernate

6/30/2006 // By Jen Fournelle

We all know how much college students love to sleep! Unfortunately most college students do not let their computers sleep at all—many are left on 24 hours a day! Computers are undoubtedly necessity for many college students and offices, although …

Quick Cut: Why take the elevator when you can take the stairs?

4/20/2006 // By NWF

One quick and easy way to conserve energy is to take the stairs and leave the elevator for another day. The average office elevator consumes 350 watts of electricity to travel from one floor to the next. By taking the …