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Wind Turbines Installed In Existing Power Line Towers

7/8/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

There are tens of thousands of miles of transmission lines in the U.S. supported by towers that could be fitted with wind turbines. Some wind energy designers are offering an approach they call the Wind-it Project. It might also reduce […] Read more >

Ranger Rick Goes to Washington

2/6/2009 // By Julia Marden

Breaking News: A Washington Post article reports that raccoons have invaded White House grounds, and are causing the National Park Service no small amount of trouble. We at NWF would like to posit that perhaps the raccoon population is a little […] Read more >

Enthusiasm for Clean Energy Translates to Votes

11/13/2008 // By NWF

The final tally is in from the Tufts University Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), and the youth voter turnout was even higher than we originally posted in our blog:  It increased by 3.3 million […] Read more >

The Heat Movers

11/13/2008 // By NWF

This story is the second of a series that will explore various types of ground heat mining and their campus applications. Also see Universities Lead the Charge to Mine the Heat Beneath our Feet, and look forward to the final […] Read more >

Creating a Buyer’s Market for Renewable Energy

10/28/2008 // By NWF

  Creating and consuming renewable energy in the United States is gaining popularity and financial support because communities, colleges and universities are increasing their demand for clean, sustainable energy. College students all across the country have been voting to increase […] Read more >

Imitating the Environment Could Save It at UCSD

10/28/2008 // By NWF

  Imitation is widely accorded the sincerest form of flattery, and it’s Mother Nature’s turn for a few compliments. Humans have used biomimicry–the art and science of imitating nature’s designs to solve human problems–for millennia, from Inuit hunters imitating the stalking […] Read more >

ISU Degree Tackles the Many Faces of Climate Change

10/14/2008 // By NWF

  In May of 2007, Illinois State University’s Board of Trustees approved a new bachelor’s degree program in renewable energy. ISU is not the first school  to bring this sort of program into its academic catalog; Canton College of Technology […] Read more >

Universities Lead the Charge to Mine the Heat Beneath our Feet

9/30/2008 // By NWF

Within the next year, the Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls hopes to break ground on a project that would tap one of the most promising, and overlooked, forms of renewable power: geothermal energy—the free heat that emanates from […] Read more >

USF Sows the SEEDS of Renewable Energy Storage

9/16/2008 // By NWF

Electricity storage is fast becoming the holy grail of sustainable energy. The performance of solar panels is intermittent, with panels functioning optimally on sunny days, marginally when it is overcast, and not at all when it is dark. Similarly, wind […] Read more >

Babson College Announces Wind Energy Installation

3/5/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Babson College, a Boston-area university that is consistently ranked #1 by US News and World Report for Entrepreneurship programs, recently announced plans for the installation of a demonstration wind turbine. It’s more than just a pretty face: the residential-scale Skystream […] Read more >