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Old barns might still be pretty, but old farm laws are not.  The Farm Bill has to keep moving forward to keep up with the times.  Photo credit: flickr, cwwycoff1

Congress Fails Farmers and Wildlife (Updated)

9/18/2012 // By Lara Bryant

The 2012 Farm Bill, or lack thereof, has been ubiquitous in news media over the last few months. Opinions and perspectives on the House and Senate versions of the Farm Bill are diverse and complicated; that isn’t surprising, considering that this …

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Help Defend the Safety Net of Protections for Endangered Wildlife

3/16/2011 // By John Kostyack

Proposals in Congress to remove the safety net of protection for endangered wildlife are flying around fast and furious.

Climate Activists Stake Out Polluter Lobbyist Fundraiser

2/25/2010 // By Miles Grant

Check out this video of Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), co-author of the Dirty Air Act arriving at a fundraiser organized by polluter lobbyists at a swank DC restaurant. Youth activists were waiting outside with surgical masks & “Dirty Air Act” signs as Murkowski hurried past.