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Independent Climate Email Probe Vindicates Scientists

4/14/2010 // By Miles Grant

Over at Mother Jones, Kate Sheppard concludes “climategate” is now “officially a fake scandal.” Read more >

NWF Scientist Responds to Mooney’s Call to Action

1/5/2010 // By Miles Grant

Chris Mooney, who writes at Discover Magazine’s The Intersection blog, wrote an op-ed in Sunday’s Washington Post titled “On issues like global warming and evolution, scientists need to speak up”: Scientific training continues to turn out researchers who speak in […] Read more >

Swiftflop: Polluter-Pushed Scandal Fails to Slow Support for Climate Action

12/23/2009 // By Miles Grant

A new poll released by the National Wildlife Federation is revealing that Swifthack hasn’t moved the needle with voters. Read more >