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Utah government joins universities in switching to 4-day workweek

8/26/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Until recently, most considered their commute to be nothing more than a necessary evil, if they considered it at all. But rising gas prices, air pollution and the awareness of carbon emissions are forcing changes in the ways they get […] Read more >

USA Today Covers Biking and Walking Programs at universities

8/11/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Bikes on campus are nothing new, particularly to cash-strapped students. But when a university invests in bike rental programs, increased riding and parking infrastructure, and the physical and environmental health of its campus, it’s much bigger news. USA Today’s profile […] Read more >

Redirecting the Waste Stream: Using waste vegetable oil as fuel

8/7/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

As petroleum products become more expensive and concern over greenhouse gases rises, biofuel is the word on everyone’s lips. So far, two primary sources are in production. Ethanol, which is produced from sugar cane and corn, is already mixed with […] Read more >

Happy 10th Birthday, Prius!!

10/24/2007 // By Kristin Kranendonk

My parents were not real hippies. My mother never burned her bra, and my father never torched his draft card. They did not smoke pot, hitchhike, or go to Woodstock. They did, however, listen to Simon and Garfunkel. A lot. […] Read more >

Need an Alternative Transportation Option? How About Skateboarding!

10/19/2006 // By Kristy Jones

Skateboarding isn’t just for teenagers and college students anymore. More and more people are beginning to take up the sport – for fun, and to simply save money on gas. Skateboarding is an easy way to get around and it’s […] Read more >

Exercise for the Environment!

7/28/2006 // By Jen Fournelle

We have all heard it a million times: EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR YOU! But exercising can be good for the environment too. How many times a week do you hop in your car to drive a mile or two down the road […] Read more >

Green Campus Transport Good Economics and Community Relations

11/16/2005 // By NWF

Will Toor and Spencer Havlick’s book, Transportation and Sustainable Campus Communities (2004), is a vital resource for anyone interested in how campuses can reduce congestion related to cars on campuses and in surrounding communities while saving money and preventing global […] Read more >