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Flood in London, England

New Evidence Global Warming Fueling Extreme Weather

2/16/2011 // By Miles Grant

As polluter allies in Congress continue efforts to blindfold the Environmental Protection Agency from the realities of global warming, two new studies are confirming that changes in our climate are leading to stronger storms: Human emissions of carbon dioxide and …

Anticipating Rising Seas: Wildlife Trust in UK Plans For New Inland Refuge

8/24/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust has filed a plan to create an inland wetland to protect rare bitterns.  This action  recognizes that salt water may soon be degrading coastal freshwater reed beds that are currently home to the birds. The new area …

Worldwide Search Is On For 47 “Lost” Bird Species

8/22/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

A group of wildlife experts is hoping that some feared-extinct bird species may have actually escaped extinction.  The search is on. The Independent reports: “BirdLife International is launching a global attempt … to try to confirm the existence of the critically endangered …

Bald Penguin Gets A Wetsuit

8/15/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

Ralph the Humbolt Penguin suddenly lost his feathers.  This created some problems for him and his keepers.  But his family (a mate and two chicks) needs him and he was unable to avoid going outdoors at Marwell Wildlife near Winchester in …

UK’s New Low-Carbon Industrial Plan — 500,000 New Jobs

7/16/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

A new industrial plan developed in the UK predicts lower greenhouse gas emissions and a half million new jobs by 2020. Kat Baker for PerssonnelToday.com reports: “As part of the ‘Low Carbon Industrial Strategy’, climate and energy secretary Ed Miliband …