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Remodeling the Commercial Kitchen at Kendall College

6/19/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

A quick scan through your house reveals a few truths about the energy costs of your appliances. In many homes, the most constant energy drain comes from the direction of the kitchen, where the fridge is on all the time, …

Recyclemania 2008 Results Announced

4/21/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Recyclemania, a light-hearted, friendly competition between campuses, aims to reduce waste and raise awareness. Over a 10-week period, colleges and universities compete in different contests to see which institution can collect the highest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest …

Auditing Food Waste at Ohio University

3/19/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Part of what makes campuses so energy-intensive is the fact that a lot more goes on than classes. Many students reside in dorms, which means they spend the majority of their day working, eating, studying, playing and sleeping on campus. …

Don’t throw that bottle away!!

9/14/2006 // By Jen Fournelle

Recycling is great for the environment, but what has it got to do with climate change? Solid waste disposal is a huge generator of greenhouse gases. Trash has to be hauled away, and there are emissions released from the transportation. …

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