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Northern Cardinals by Laura Hedgecockk

Tips for Winter Bird Feeding

1/7/2015 // By Laura Tangley

As temperatures drop across much of the country, it’s time to put more thought into what your backyard birds are eating. Providing high-quality food during winter not only entices more birds to visit your yard, it also may help them …

An American robin visits a heated birdbath during a snowstorm in Smithtown, New York.  Photo donated by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Elaine Davis.

Don’t Forget Water for Birds in the Winter!

12/3/2014 // By Laura Tangley

Throughout the hot summer months, backyard birders like me faithfully supply all the fresh water our feathered friends need for drinking, bathing or simply cooling off. By this time of year, however, most of us have covered up or put …


Move Winter Birthday Parties Outdoors

1/13/2011 // By Guest Author

Warm up birthday party fun with three fresh-air activities


Build the Best Snow Sculptures on the Block

12/28/2010 // By Guest Author

Tips and tricks for creating a wild snowscape to wow the neighbors


Simple Holiday Crafts to Make With Your Kids

11/18/2010 // By Michele Reyzer

Use pinecones, twigs, and other natural objects to create inexpensive gifts for friends and family


Fun Winter Outdoor Activities for Families — To Beat Cabin Fever

11/10/2010 // By Guest Author

Cure your kids’ winter blues with these easy ideas for outdoor fun