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Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s World

9/16/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

We shouldn’t be surprised with the latest national youth poll that demonstrates that the generation that will inherit the worst impacts of global warming are ready to hold lawmakers accountable. Two-thirds of likely voters between the ages of 18-29 say …

International Youth Leaders: Make Enviro Education Mandatory

8/24/2009 // By Amanda Cooke

The United Nations Environment Program is currently hosting the Tunza International Children and Youth Conference in South Korea, the biggest-ever youth gathering on global warming. The title “tunza” is a Swahili word meaning “to treat with care of affection.” This …

Two Million Young People Calling On The World To Tackle Climate Change

8/18/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

More than 2 million young people worldwide are expected to speak out on global warming during a Thursday August 20th Tunza conference. reports: “For the first time, young committed people from all continents, including 20 cities (eg Nairobi, London, Brasilia, Beijing, Auckland and …

Young People Speak up for Wildlife and a Clean Energy Future

3/2/2009 // By Julia Marden

It’s estimated that over 13,000 young people are in Washington today for Power Shift 2009, and despite the snowstorm, thousands are on the Hill today, lobbying for strong climate legislation.  It’s expected to be the largest citizen lobby for the …

Just A Few More Days ‘Til Power Shift!

2/23/2009 // By Shreema Mehta

In a little over a week, I will become a Congresswoman. Actually, I’ll just be pretending for a day in a mock lobbying session to help train the thousands of college students descending onto Washington for Power Shift 2009. After …

Power Vote: The Fight For A Clean Energy Economy

10/20/2008 // By Danielle Brigida

Building on the energy created by the Campus Climate Challenge, Power Shift 2007 and the numerous other state climate summits and networks, National Wildlife Federation is working with the Energy Action Coalition to launch a new campaign to unite youth …

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