Nine Wonderful Ways Wildlife Need Trees

From seed to sapling, from regal beauty to rotting log, our native trees give life to a truly amazing range of wildlife. Living trees are an important food source for wildlife. They provide cover for resting, getting out of the …

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Friends of Wildlife

Watch: Wildlife You Helped Protect in 2015

How do you thank someone who has given such beautiful gifts to wildlife? Like millions of acres of native prairie for wild bison to roam free, or Thousands of acres of life-saving milkweed for monarch butterflies to lay eggs, or …

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Nine Wonderful Ways Wildlife Need Trees
This Week’s Trend: Water and Wildlife

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Global Warming

Game Changers: Climate Impacts to America’s Hunting and Fishing Heritage

Hunters and anglers are on the front lines of climate change, seeing its devastating effects on wildlife and traditional recreation first-hand. Climate change poses an immediate and specific threat to hunting and fishing in America, challenging the traditions and values …

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Missoula Garden Fosters Healthy Living for Kids and Wildlife

The kids at The Parenting Place have gone over the hill. And under it. Constructed last summer by volunteers, a tunnel and slide built into a hill in the backyard of the Missoula, Montana establishment has become one of the …

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Get Involved

Students Boost Leadership at Atlanta’s Earth Tomorrow Summer Institute

Once a year, high school student environmental leaders from NWF Earth Tomorrow® clubs in Atlanta can apply to spend six days in a residential Summer Institute program at the Georgia Institute of Technology that provides them with the opportunity to develop leadership …

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Kids and Nature

New Jersey Eco-Schools Exemplify the Benefits of Funding Programs

Making schools more sustainable benefits our communities, our environment, wildlife, and our students. But it doesn’t come without hard work and sometimes money. Let’s face it – resources can be difficult to obtain with today’s school budgets. So what do you do when …

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Missoula Garden Fosters Healthy Living for Kids and Wildlife
The National Wildlife Federation Teams Up for School Garden Project

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Outdoor Activities

Who’s Got Game? 7 Places Outdoorsmen Should Visit This Fall

As autumn continues, fall hunting and fishing season begins in many places across the country. Some wildlife populations have rebounded after the spring, and wildlife are on the move to warmer weather. Because so many sporting opportunities exist across the …

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Say G’Day to Some of Australia’s Wildlife

As the United States gears up for winter’s approach, Australia is readying for summer. In the November issue of Ranger Rick magazine, one of Ranger Rick’s friends, Scarlett Fox, traveled to the Southern Hemisphere to enjoy the warmth and wildlife, …

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Wild Times at the Jersey Shore: Cape May National Wildlife Refuge

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