Why It’s Tough for Fish in the Susquehanna These Days

If you’re a smallmouth bass in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, chances are you’re pretty lonely these days. After a population crash in 2005 where fewer young bass were surviving into adulthood, fisherman also noticed that smallmouth bass are being …

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Meet the Real Cougars (Mountain Lions) of L.A.

Blonde. Powerful. Amazing teeth. Not the Real Housewives—but mountain lions, the real cougars of L.A! These wide roaming and territorial cats are at risk because their habitat is being cut up and cut off by highways and development. Twelve mountain …

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Collaborating to Save the Monarch Migration

The migration of monarch butterflies is one of the natural world’s most epic journeys. The eastern population of monarchs flies up to 3,000 miles from their summer homes in America’s backyards and grasslands to wintering grounds in Mexico’s mountain forests. …

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Students Boost Leadership at Atlanta’s Earth Tomorrow Summer Institute

Once a year, high school student environmental leaders from NWF Earth Tomorrow® clubs in Atlanta can apply to spend six days in a residential Summer Institute program at the Georgia Institute of Technology that provides them with the opportunity to develop leadership …

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Searching for Signs of Winter

To many New Englanders, winter is defined in inches – inches of snow that is. By that account, you wouldn’t be surprised that winter has so far come as a disappointment to many, but especially to winter sport enthusiasts. Yes, …

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