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A Young Leader’s Call to Action

11/3/2011 // By NWF

Dan Weisshar is a former NWF Global Warming Policy Intern and currently serves as a Youth Advisor on NWF’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Board Directors. Dan  grew up in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming and earned his degree in Global   Studies from Warren …

On-Campus Organizing: Lessons Learned From My Power Shift Experience

6/22/2011 // By NWF

Guest Post by Campus Ecology Fellow 2011 Casey Wojtalewicz Power Shift is two months in the past, and I feel it’s a good time to reflect on what the event meant for students from my school, the College of Saint Benedict …

Voices of NWF’s Young Leaders Assembly: From Community Roundtable to a Meeting with President Obama by Ian Johnson

6/16/2011 // By NWF

Guest post by: Ian Johnson Community-level sustainability discussion leads to White House meeting with President Obama Recently my community involvement around sustainability principles snowballed into an involvement and experience far greater than I could have imagined.  While in DC as …

Schools Use Summer Break As A Time For Intensive Sustainability Courses

6/10/2011 // By Cheli Cresswell

We’re well into June, and — for the vast majority of college students and professors — that wonderful time known as “summer break.” However, for an increasing number of students and faculty across the nation, the months between the end …

Voices of NWF’s Young Leaders Assembly: The Cure For “Nature Envy” by Sarah Haynes

6/9/2011 // By NWF

As a student, I have had my fair share of what I call ‘nature envy’ moments. You know, the ones where you are sitting in the classroom and suddenly find yourself staring out a window (if your lucky) or just day-dreaming (if …

Community College Program Encourages Idea Exchange in Green Fields of Study

5/26/2011 // By NWF

Guest Blog by: Staci Matlock The Santa Fe New Mexican Walking through the new Trades and Advanced Technology Center at Santa Fe Community College is like touring one big practical idea incubator. Students are taking theories from the biofuels, solar, …

Make The Most Of Your Summer By Participating in One of Outdoor Nation’s Summer Summits!

5/26/2011 // By Cheli Cresswell

This summer, Outdoor Nation will host multiple 3-day regional youth summits and is looking for talented and passionate youth leaders from the millennial generation to take part as delegates. The summits will be held in New York City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, …

Voices of NWF’s Young Leaders Assembly: Youth Mentorship in Atlanta by Imran Battla

5/6/2011 // By Cheli Cresswell

by Imran Battla Senior Program Manager,  Applied Mentorship Program for Sustainability On April 21, 2011, sixty elementary school kids from Dobbs Elementary School part of the Atlanta Public Schools and and God’s Little Angels Academy based in Lithonia GA, came to the OAC …

Campus Ecology Fellow Helping Indiana Fight Invasive Algae & Harmful Fertilizers

4/13/2011 // By NWF

DePauw University Senior Katherine “Kate” M. Wright is spearheading a fight against the algae invading Indiana’s lakes and streams. The Indiana Wildlife Federation’s (IWF) first NWF Campus Ecology Fellow is encouraging colleges across the state to stop using lawn fertilizers that feed the green menace.

Taking the Shot: When to Go Green With Your Data Center

4/13/2011 // By NWF

When it comes to “greening” a college or university data center, institutional inertia, budgetary concerns and politics often combine to create delays and complications that can put projects off for years. For schools looking to upgrade to a leaner, greener data center, the key to success often lies in understanding when those very same problems can be used to press the advantage.