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Land Grant Universities Tilling Old Soil with New Methods

9/15/2009 // By Guest Author

Washington State University (WSU) and Cornell University are two of the large, landed schools leading the way in the advancement of alternative models of agriculture. With the establishment of university farms, academic programs, and scientific research projects, organic and sustainable …

Hot and Steamy: Ground-Source on Campus

9/15/2009 // By NWF

NWF September 15, 2009 In true necessity-is-the-mother-of-all-invention fashion, the folks at the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) have added innovation to innovation as they’ve expanded their 1979 ground-source heating system to accommodate an ever-expanding campus. “We started off with 5 …

Five Questions: Getting More Out of an Urban Garden Than Vegetables

9/15/2009 // By NWF

September 15, 2009 Columbia University’s campus garden started as a student-only project, but now reaches out to a local housing project and other members of the neighborhood. The project is intended to improve the cityscape, provide healthier food for community …

Turning Tides: Generating Energy from the Sea

9/15/2009 // By NWF

NWF September 15, 2009 If grant funds and the enthusiasm for hydrokinetics keep flowing, soft rolling ocean waves and the gentle pull of the tides may start providing electricity for coastal homes and businesses, or possibly entire cities. Hydrokinetic technologies …

Seeing Stars, Saving Energy

8/25/2009 // By NWF

NWF August 25, 2009 In 1992, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency introduced ENERGY STAR as a voluntary labeling program that identifies and promotes energy-efficient products in order to reduce greenhouse emissions. Today, ENERGY STAR estimates that it saves businesses, organizations …

Let the Light In: Sunlight, That Is

8/25/2009 // By NWF

NWF August 25, 2009 Lights are being switched off in the Automotive Training Center at Manchester Community College (MCC) in Manchester, NH. But students won’t be tinkering on vehicles in the dark. Instead, their work spaces will be illuminated by …

Green Jerseys: Sustainability on the Field

8/25/2009 // By NWF

NWF August 25, 2009 Tailgates and barbecues hardly seem conducive to a green revolution, but college football games may be one of the next big fronts in campus greening initiatives. Athletics departments around the country — especially at large state …

Psychology and Social Science Inform Climate Campaigns

8/11/2009 // By NWF

NWF August 11, 2009 Schools are tapping into the power of the mind when it comes to environmental campaigns. By integrating social science theories into their messaging and tactics, such as showing a “greener” side to President Obama or making …

Putting Vending Machine Energy Consumption on Ice

8/11/2009 // By NWF

NWF August 11, 2009 The energy cost of a cold drink has gone down on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) campus (Wisconsin). The installation of Vending Misers on all of the institution’s vending machines is cutting energy use and …

Five Questions: How to Build a Network of Local Farms

7/28/2009 // By NWF

July 28, 2009 Laura Hall owns and operates the Refectory, a cafĂ© housed in the divinity school at Duke University which serves local and sustainable food. We asked Laura how the restaurant came to be, and what it’s up to …