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Today Show host Hoda Kotb, NWF Naturalist David Mizejewski, and Actress Molly Ringwald celebrate National Wildlife Week

Molly Ringwald Celebrates National Wildlife Week on Today Show

3/22/2013 // By David Mizejewski

Actress Molly Ringwald guest-hosted the fourth hour of The Today Show this morning with Hoda Kotb. I grew up in the ’80s watching her in films such as Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, so when I found out that […] Read more >


Florida Tree Planting Event Lands a Special Guest Star

3/22/2013 // By Guest Author

Guest post by Bruce Brown, the Director of the Florida Scrub-Jay Consortium in Clermont, Florida. Here at the Florida Scrub-Jay Trail in Clermont Florida, we kicked off National Wildlife Week two days early and spread it out over the next seven days […] Read more >

Yosemite's great gray owl population was recognized as a distinctive subspecies in 2010. (photo by Joe Medley)

Give a Hoot for Yosemite’s Great Gray Owl

3/22/2013 // By Beth Pratt-Bergstrom

This year’s theme for National Wildlife Week, “Branching Out for Wildlife,” celebrates trees and their importance to wildlife and people. In California, we couldn’t think of a more remarkable—or more rare—tree dweller to feature than Yosemite’s great gray owls. Why […] Read more >

Great horned owlets in tree cavity

Photo of the Day: Heart of Great Horned Owls

3/20/2013 // By Rachel Faulkner

Photo by Jerry Patterson See more of Jerry Patterson’s photos on Flickr >> Celebrating National Wildlife Week The theme for National Wildlife Week 2013 is “Branching Out For Wildlife” and today, day 3, focuses on the tree trunk. Many species, […] Read more >

Green Jays

Photo of the Day: Green Jay Face Off

3/18/2013 // By Rachel Faulkner

Photo by Kenny Salazar See more of Kenny Salazar’s photos on Flickr >> Happy National Wildlife Week! March 18 – 24 is National Wildlife Week, an annual event that celebrates wildlife and ways we can help protect species and their […] Read more >

Sandhill crane parent feeding chick

Photo of the Day: Sandhill Crane Chick Being Fed

3/13/2013 // By Rachel Faulkner

Photo by Cindy Bryant See more of Cindy Bryant’s photos on Flickr >> Sandhill Cranes: an Ancient Bird, a New Threat, and How You Can Help Big Oil’s actions are threatening Sandhill cranes and other wildlife species with critical habitat […] Read more >

penguin that leaps

It’s Hard Out Here For a Penguin

3/13/2013 // By Miles Grant

I’ve always assumed penguins, through the magic of evolution, must be specially adapted to living life on ice and rocks. Wrong! As graceful as they are in the water, they’re just as clumsy on land. As these bloopers from BBC’s […] Read more >

Great blue heron feeding chick

Photo of the Day: Great Blue Heron with a Great Fish

3/8/2013 // By Rachel Faulkner

Photo by Eileen Fonferko See more photos by Eileen Fonferko on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one of your nature photos to be the next Photo of the Day! Share your images with our Flickr group […] Read more >

Northern cardinals

Photo of the Day: Northern Cardinals in Winter

3/5/2013 // By Rachel Faulkner

Photo by Bob Daveant See more of Bob Daveant’s photos on Flickr >> Your Photo Could Be Here We want one of your nature photos to be the next Photo of the Day! Share your images with our Flickr group […] Read more >

Andrew Moore, Cooper Elementary School, East Side, 2008, digital chromogenic print scanned from film negative, 62 x 78 in., Collection of Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell. Credit: Andrew Moore

Nature: Driving Revitalization in the Motor City and Beyond

3/1/2013 // By Kara Reeve

  During the roaring 20’s, Detroit glittered as a global center of automobile manufacturing. With a population that soared from 285,000 in 1900 to 1.6 million by 1930, it was the fourth largest city in the United States. As more […] Read more >