Ride On

NWF   |   July 25, 2007

   Remember what it was like to ride your bike on a hot summer day in late July? And how great jumping in the swimming pool felt, or eating a popsicle afterwards?

   This week, a group of very dedicated conservationists from National Wildlife Federation are biking 478 miles across the state of Iowa to spread the message about confronting global warming. They will be foregoing the swimming pools and popsicles and instead engaging Iowans along the roads, in towns, and in restaurants. They will also be asking presidential candidates what they would do as president to commit the U.S. to meaningful efforts to reduce global warming pollution.

Interested in what they’re hearing? Check out http://nwf.blogs.com/arctic_promise/.

My hats off to this dedicated team of riders Christine Dorsey, Kate Hofmann, Vivian Coss, Nicholas Gimbrone, Dyanne Singler , Patrick Kenney, Don Hooper, Miles Hooper, and Karen Sage; and their support team Georgina Price, Marc Engel, Derek Brockbank, Caron Whitaker, and a host of other helpers.

Published: July 25, 2007