Protect Salmon, Feed Orcas

NWF   |   December 2, 2007

Hundreds of scientists say the only way to restore salmon to the Columbia and Snake rivers is to remove four costly dams. But federal agencies aren’t listening. Instead, NOAA just released a recovery plan that’s more “same ol’, same ol’,” wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on recovery efforts that don’t work.

To make matters worse, prominent orca scientists agree that Puget Sound’s endangered orcas won’t recover without a lot more salmon to eat–and those salmon must come from the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

NWF is gathering as many messages from the general public during the federal comment period to help protect the iconic salmon of the Pacific Northwest and the orcas that depend upon them. The time is now for us to show NOAA and our elected leaders that wild salmon and orcas are national treasures that must be protected and restored.

If you can, please forward this link to friends or post it on your blog or website to help spark as many actions as possible!

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