Humans and their Animal Phobias

Phobias are no joke. But they can be interesting. I tend to be an abnormal case simply because I like (and in some cases love) the animals that cause most phobias. So when I see a long list of strange phobias, I can’t help but check them out. In honor of wildlife and animals in general, I’ve decided to list out a few interesting phobias that deal with our fauna friends. Oh, and if any of you have a fear of phobias (Phobophobia) exit the page very slowly…

ANIMAL PHOBIAS (if you know of more, add them to my list!)

Animals – ZoophobiaChicken
Animal Skin or Fur – Doraphobia
Wild Animals – Agrizoophobia
Bees – Apiphobia
Birds – Ornithophobia

Bulls – Taurophobia
Chickens – Alekorophobia
Dogs or Rabies – Cynophobia
Fish – Ichthyophobia
Frogs – Ranidaphobia
Horses – Equinophobia or Hippophobia
Otters – LutraphobiaSeaotter
The Great Mole Rat – Zemmiphobia
Insects – Entomophobia or Insectophobia
Insects that eat wood – Isopterophobia
Insects that cause itching – Acarophobia
Reptiles – Herpetophobia
Sharks – Selachophobia
Shellfish – Ostraconophobia
Snakes – Ophidiophobia or Snakephobia
Toads – Bufonophobia
Bats – Chiroptophobia
Cats – Felinophobia, Galeophobia or Gatophobia

It’s no surprise why people find some of these animals intimidating. Sure, snakes, sharks and bats are scary to many people and are often portrayed negatively. But here’s something to think about: Have you ever thought that maybe our phobias of them might be a crucial element to their survival? After all, it means that they are keeping predators like us at bay!

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