A Visit from the Easter Hare

RabbitEven Peter Cottontail would approve of the facts below, I think. Here’s some information on our little furry friends….

The Easter Bunny is getting ready for his big day this Sunday, but did you know that the original “bunny” was actually a hare? Hares are a close relative of rabbits but have a few key differences:

  • There are many species of rabbits and hares, but generally, hares tend to have longer legs and larger ears and are generally bigger than rabbits. The snowshoe hare is an exception with its small ears that help prevent heat loss. Large ears have more surface area and lose more heat.
  • Hares are incredibly swift and run from predators, while rabbits typically hide first, relying on camouflage, and only run as a last resort.
  • Hares give birth to precocial young which means their babies are born covered in fur, have open eyes, and are ready to run shortly after birth. Rabbit babies are furless, blind and helpless at birth.

Jackrabbits are actually a type of hare. Find out more amazing Easter Bunny trivia and rabbit facts at enature.com.

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