A Picture-Perfect Mother’s Day [Photo slideshow]

My first thought when looking at the slideshow above is, “What beautiful images showing the universal bond of parent and child!”

My second thought is, “How on earth do those moms look so well rested?!?!”

I’ve been a mother for a little more than 15 months, and … let’s just say that any picture of me taken a year ago would definitely NOT be included in anyone’s photo slideshow. We’ll leave it at that.

The photographs also remind me of an evening last year when my son was three months old, right around Mother’s Day. I was literally brought to tears watching a segment of Discovery Channel’s “Life” series that featured a tiny frog that lives in the Central American Rain Forest.

Stop laughing at me! I was emotional and sleep-deprived.

The frog? A female strawberry poison arrow frog. And get this: This TINY frog (less than an inch long) carries her tadpoles, one by one on her back, from the rainforest floor to the tops of 100-foot tall trees. Then she places each tadpole in tiny pools of water that form in the leaves.

And I was complaining about getting up three times a night? I salute you, tiny strawberry poison arrow frog!

Lioness and cub

This lioness and cub photo was taken by Barbara Fleming and entered into the National Wildlife Photo Contest

But it’s not just over-emotional new moms that appreciate the power of wildlife images.

Keep your camera handy and capture the wildlife and natural settings you encounter, then enter the photos in the 41st annual National Wildlife Photo Contest. You’ll be eligible to win a cash prize, iPad or iPod touch.

BONUS: This year, for the first time, there is a “Baby Animal” category. Happy Mother’s Day!

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