5 Reasons Ms. Frizzle Rocks as a Teacher

Ms. Frizzle welcomes students onto The Magic School Bus for a field trip.
Ms. Frizzle welcomes students onto The Magic School Bus for a field trip.
It’s always an appropriate time to appreciate and acknowledge an incredible teacher. You might remember Ms. Frizzle, the quirky science teacher from The Magic School Bus books and TV show. Each story involves Ms. Frizzle and her students on spectacular experiential field trips covering topics such as nocturnal animals, reptiles, rotting logs and the water cycle. The Frizz is my idol, which is why I’d like to share 5 reasons she rocks as a teacher. As you read, think of the teachers that influenced and inspired your own learning!

  1. Words of Wisdom: Ms. Frizzle rarely went through a field trip without telling her students to “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy”. It’s crucial to encourage students to take risks in their exploration, and to communicate that mistakes can be a positive part of learning. And students should especially be messy after playing and learning outdoors!
  2. Inquiry-Based Teaching: Although students ask questions throughout each field trip, Ms. Frizzle refrains from giving many direct answers. As a result, students are challenged to investigate and solve problems as a class. She acts as a facilitator of inquiry, allowing students to formulate relevant questions and guiding them to discovery and understanding.
  3. Inspiration: Ms. Frizzle approaches each lesson with zest, and is truly fascinated by science. Her enthusiasm transfers to the students, who become engaged and active participants in the lessons. As a student there’s nothing worse than your teacher being bored!
  4. Community of Care: The students are not always excited about wild adventurous field trips. Ms. Frizzle manages to push students to embrace new experiences and meet challenges, without dismissing their concerns. Additionally, because of the caring environment created by Ms. Frizzle, students will often help each other overcome their discomfort.
  5. Fashion: It’s definitely a nerdier style, but her outfits are fantastic. I mean, her dress and earrings always match the topic. Brilliant.

Everyday Ms. Frizzles

I recently completed my Master of Environmental Education program and had the privilege of studying with and learning from incredible real-life Ms. Frizzles. There are many ways to be an outstanding teacher, and Ms. Frizzle embodies just a few of them. Today (but really everyday) we celebrate all the amazing teachers and educators whose impact is beyond measure. Thank you for your long days and dedication to students, your work is admirable and inspiring!

Ms. Frizzle Magic School Bus
Ms. Frizzle, along with her students, embark on some incredible learning adventures!

How to Celebrate

  • Make a coffee filter flower bouquet for a teacher.
  • Connect kids and nature – you don’t have to be in a classroom to be a teacher.
  • Thank you and high-five to awesome teachers today!  Tweet this!
  • Watch a few episodes of the Magic School Bus.
  • Check out some of NWF’s lesson plans for ecology, habitat care and species identification!