What a Squirrel Wants – #Squirrels4Good

What do squirrels want? What do squirrels need? When you get right down to it, squirrels are a lot like us, just trying to survive in these urban and suburban jungles. And they do a great job. Craig Newmark of Craigslist is a big fan, and has partnered with National Wildlife Federation to support our Sciuridae friends.

Craig’s Pledge:

“Here’s the deal, for each time someone uses the hashtag, #Squirrels4Good on Twitter or on my Facebook page  or NWF’s facebook page, I’ll give $1 to the National Wildlife Federation up to $5K. I will also donate $1 for each new follower I get over the next couple of weeks.”

To celebrate #Squirrels4Good, here are a few things that make squirrels happy and set them free:

To Stop and Smell the Roses


A Nap in the Park


Ice Cream Cones


The Perfect Photo


The Last Cookie in the Cookie Jar


To Watch Funny Cat Videos

A Mid-Afternoon Stretch (and Snack)


To Squeak Up for What They Believe In!

How You Can Celebrate Squirrels

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