Environmental Justice

Three people pose outside for a photo. They are holding a sign that reads, "SAVE OAK FLAT".

Intergenerational Knowledge: Weaving the past with the present

This blog is Part One of a three part series, highlighting the core priorities of National Wildlife Federation’s strategy to enhance Tribal and Indigenous partnerships for collaborative conservation: Intergenerational Knowledge … Read more

Two red fish swim just under the water's surface over rocks and pebbles.

Rethinking Hydropower to Restore Northwest Rivers

The Department of Interior recently released the Tribal Circumstances Analysis, which acknowledged that the construction and operation of 11 hydroelectric dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers has had a … Read more

View of some sort of power plant located very close to a residential neighborhood.

Carbon Management Community Concerns in Louisiana

Carbon management is supported by corporations and the state government in Louisiana for its potential to reduce emissions and support the industrial economy. Yet, despite the potential for Louisiana to … Read more

A group of people work on an activity together.

Centering Community in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge, located just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is recognized as the first urban national wildlife refuge in the Southwest. Managed by the U.S. … Read more

Earth Tomorrow Houston Leadership Campout Builds on EJ Principles

Last year, Earth Tomorrow relaunched in Houston with its Summer Institute, a week-long summer intensive program for students to expand their knowledge on local environmental issues, build personal skills, and … Read more

A small grayish green turtle can be seen on the sand.

Resilient Galveston Island

Galveston Island is no stranger to extreme weather events. From the Great Storm of 1900, which still holds the record for the deadliest storm in the U.S., to Hurricane Ike … Read more

A person wearing a hard hat is in a crane bucket. Power lines can be seen crossing through the trees.

A New Path to Siting Energy Transmission

Transmission towers, lines, and stations are crucial to moving energy from its source to homes and businesses. To fully unlock the potential of renewable energy, the United States must at … Read more

Achilles’ Steel: Broadening Horizons in Carbon Dioxide Removal

To prevent the most extreme impacts of climate change – such as devastating hurricanes, intense wildfires, and deadly heat waves – we must all work together to reduce our emissions. … Read more

C2P2 Connects College Students & Locals on River Health

When Daniela Robles—a University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) senior and first-generation student in USCB’s Promise Scholars Program—connected with College and Community Partners Program (C2P2) through an internship in the … Read more

Three people pose for a selfie in front of a banner that reads, "Green Zone". There is more text in another language on the banner.

The Women’s Environmental Institute

This Women’s History Month the National Wildlife Federation is honoring women who have worked to advance environmental justice initiatives in their community. We will be highlighting Karen Clark and Jacquelyn … Read more