The Walking Dead vs. Wildlife

The Walking Dead is back! Next time you’re plagued by anxiety over the idea of half-rotten corpses munching on you in the dark, remember this: if there was ever a zombie uprising, wildlife would come to our rescue.

That’s because zombies are essentially walking carrion, and Mother Nature doesn’t let anything go to waste. Carrion is on the menu for a vast number of species, from tiny micro-organisms to the largest carnivores.

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National Wildlife Federation’s naturalist David Mizejewski talks about eagles in this special edition episode of Zombies vs Team Wildlife. Our nation’s symbol, the bald eagle, would help pick off zombies. Carrion makes up a big portion of the diet of these huge raptors, and nothing intimidates them.

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Meet Your Other Wildlife Protectors


Check out this parody video that introduces us to the wildlife team that would make short work of a zombie horde.

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Bears: Both bear species have an incredible sense of smell and both love to eat carrion, so even if zombies didn’t approach them, the bears eventually would learn that these walking bags of flash make for good eating.

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Vultures: Many birds feed themselves by scavenging on dead things. A sluggish zombie wouldn’t stand a change against one or a flock of vultures.

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Beetles:  Flesh eating beetles, as their name suggests, specialize in feeding on dead flesh. Once they infested a zombie, it would be just a matter of days until these tiny beetles stripped the walker to the bone.

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Coyotes: These intelligent canids would quickly learn that they could take down zombies one by one, especially the eastern populations of coyote, which are larger and bolder due to past interbreeding with wolves and domestic dogs.

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Ravens:  Ravens are incredibly intelligent and are natural scavengers. They’d easily rip off chunks of zombie flesh with their heavy beaks until there was nothing left to the undead but bones.

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Alligators:  Once almost totally wiped out, alligators are now numerous due to protections under the Endangered Species Act. Any zombie that lumbered into fresh water ponds, lakes streams or swamps would likely fall prey to alligators, who, with their extremely powerful bite, would feast on zombie flesh.

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Maggots:  The clumsy undead wouldn’t have the dexterity to pick off these decomposers, even if they could see or feel them. It would just be a matter of time. Stripped off all soft tissue, including brains, the zombies would be reduced to hollowed-out skeletons.

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