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Derek works on protecting people and wildlife from the impacts of global warming. He has focused on safeguarding wildlife and ecosystems through climate legislation, now he's working on safeguarding cities and urban wildlife from climate change. He's from New York City, lived in Chicago, and now resides in Washington DC.

PlaNYC wins EPAward

12/1/2010 // By Derek Brockbank

EPA announced it’s “Smart Growth” awards for livability in cities and towns. New York City’s PlaNYC took the top award.

World’s Mayors Step Up (again) on Climate

11/23/2010 // By Derek Brockbank

While Congress is playing the always fun game of who can be a bigger denier of science and climate change, other elected leaders are talking about who can reduce emissions more.  At the World Mayor’s Summit on Climate in Mexico City, 138 …

Avoiding “Waterworld 2” – Miami-Dade preparing for climate change

11/17/2010 // By Derek Brockbank

As much as we all loved Kevin Costner with gills and post-apocalyptic Dennis Hopper and a herd of henchmen on jet-skis, Waterworld is best kept to a 1995 vision of the year 2500, not a 21st Century reality.  Plus, Waterworld’s gargantuan …

Return of the Conservation Candidate

1/3/2008 // By Derek Brockbank

Iowans think long and hard about their candidates, and it seems the longer and harder you think, the more you begin to recognize the environment–and global warming in particular–is an issue the next president better be ready to address.