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Amanda Fuller is the Texas Policy Specialist for the Gulf of Mexico Restoration Campaign. She identifies NWF’s restoration priorities for the state and works to advance those priorities in federal, state, and local decision-making venues. Amanda also works with other NGO’s and stakeholders to evaluate and advocate for RESTORE Act funds to be spent on sound ecological restoration projects. Before joining NWF, Amanda worked as an attorney for a private law practice and spent three years working on international water policy with World Wildlife Fund. She enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with her family and friends.

Gulf Coast Oysters in Peril

8/20/2014 // By Amanda Fuller

If you’ve ordered Gulf oysters at a restaurant this summer, then you’ve noticed their prices have gone up. Way up. The decline of Gulf oysters has been a top headline in Gulf Coast papers recently. Last week, the Associated Press …

TPWD Wildlife Biologist collecting a Royal Tern on the east beach in Galveston. Photo: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Consequences of Texas City “Y” Oil Spill Continue to Surface

4/4/2014 // By Amanda Fuller

The March 22 oil spill that occurred in the Houston Ship Channel moved out into the Gulf and traveled south over the last several days. After hitting the shores of Matagorda Island late last week, oil has now been reported on …

Striped dolphins observed in emulsified oil on April 29, 2010. Credit: NOAA.

Will the RESTORE Act Actually Restore the Gulf of Mexico?

3/4/2014 // By Amanda Fuller

Despite what BP wants you to believe, the Gulf oil spill is not over. Scientists continue to learn more and more about the ongoing impacts of the disaster on dolphins, loons, sea turtles and other wildlife. In Louisiana alone, BP …