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Hank Fischer, has been intensively involved with endangered species restoration, particularly with efforts involving wolves, grizzly bears, and black-footed ferrets. Since 2002 he has led NWF’s Wildlife Conflict Resolution project, which retires grazing allotments that experience chronic conflict with wildlife. To date the project has been responsible for the retirement of thirty grazing allotments totaling more than 550,000 acres, all in the Yellowstone ecosystem.
Bison walking through deep snow in Yellowstone National Park. Flickr photo by Jim Peaco.

Our Chance to Make Things Better for Yellowstone Bison

4/10/2014 // By Hank Fischer

Most people visit Yellowstone National Park during the summer and fall months when the valleys are green with grass and dotted with bison.  It’s easy to forget that Yellowstone is a high-elevation (most of the park is over 6,000 feet) …

Bison nuzzling calf

How to Help Give Bison More Room to Roam Free

9/5/2013 // By Hank Fischer

Thanks to National Wildlife Federation members’ strong support of the Adopt a Wildlife Acre program, bison now have more room to roam without coming into conflict with domestic cattle. But there is still more to be done to ensure they can migrate …