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Doug Inkley is NWF's Senior Scientist, providing his expertise in wildlife conservation and ecology across NWF's conservation programs. Focusing on safeguarding wildlife in a changing climate, Doug also engages in a diversity of other conservation issues, including endangered species, wetlands and invasive species. As in interface between science and the public, Doug especially enjoys public speaking, whether representing NWF on Good Morning America, CNN, NPR, or in newspapers across the country. He enjoys his rural NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat, including nesting screech owls hee he watches from his kitchen window.
Photo by Doug Inkley

Creating a Habitat for Screech Owls

2/5/2014 // By Doug Inkley

On a cold winter day my favorite little screech owl recently spent the afternoon sunning. Dressed in its handsome feathered suit, my screech owl becomes almost invisible sitting in the opening of its nest hole. Usually hidden away in the …


Symbol of Success: America’s Bald Eagle and the Endangered Species Act

5/17/2013 // By Doug Inkley

The most iconic of Endangered Species Act success stories is the recovery of the bald eagle, our national symbol. Magnificent in stature and beautiful to behold, the bald eagle very nearly disappeared from the lower-48 states, in contrast to an …


Wacky Weather and Wildlife—Staring Climate Change in the Face

9/10/2012 // By Doug Inkley

In the words of President Obama, “More droughts and floods and wildfires are not a joke. They’re a threat to our children’s future.” Indeed, it is not a joke that driven by this summer’s drought in the U.S. and Eastern …

Can It Be Done? Safeguarding Wildlife from Climate Change

6/27/2012 // By Doug Inkley

Regardless of the reckless falsehoods spewed by climate deniers it is well known to scientists and conservationists that climate change is putting wildlife at risk. The melting Arctic ice has been shrinking polar bear habitat for decades ; climate change …

Lonesome George, photo by Flickr user Scott Ableman.

Lonesome George – Extinction is Forever

6/25/2012 // By Doug Inkley

The Pinta Island tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra abingdoni) is gone, forever. Lonesome George, a sad sentinel for his subspecies and a symbol of the destruction of species caused by humankind, died today of unknown causes. George was the last survivor of …

pronghorn in New Mexico photographed by Phillip D. Page

5 Ways Wildfires Threaten Western Wildlife

6/19/2012 // By Doug Inkley

The wildfires raging throughout the West are a stark reminder of the new world we are living in. One in which climate change due to carbon pollution takes something that once was a part of a healthy, natural cycle—like a …

Kay's Polar Bear Drawing

Protecting Polar Bears for Kay’s Future

3/5/2012 // By Doug Inkley

The hand-written letter was from an 8-year-old 2nd grader. I’ll call her Kay. She told me that she saw my YouTube video about the problems global warming is causing for polar bears. She was “angry” and “sad” and said that she knew to …

A Pleasant Surprise: Migrating Tundra Swans Overhead!

12/21/2011 // By Doug Inkley

One of the things I most enjoy when I’m hunting is watching all the other wildlife I see.  I thought you might enjoy hearing about the wildlife I saw during the just-closed two-week deer season near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. …