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Wildlife and Weather – April 2010

4/23/2010 // By David Mizejewski

Here’s our latest Wildlife and Weather video.  Spring is here and it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather.  You might even do some wildlife watching!

NWF on Today Show

4/22/2010 // By David Mizejewski

NWF’s Naturalist David Mizejewski, here.  Each month, I appear on the Today Show along with four or five amazing animals. My goal is to inspire the millions of Today Show viewers to care about wildlife and help protect it with …

Animal Olympians – Part 4

2/23/2010 // By David Mizejewski

Here’s the fourth installment in our Animal Olympians series.  Don’t forget to tune in to my next appearance on the Today Show tomorrow, February 24, where I’ll be bringing some animal Olympians to share with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Sooty …

Animal Olympians – Part 3

2/22/2010 // By David Mizejewski

The third installment of animals with phenomenal physical abilities in celebration of the Olympics (don't miss part one and part two). Spotted Hyena, Least Weasel and Tasmanian DevilSpotted hyenas have incredibly strong jaws, which they put to good use in …

Some Recommended Nature Reading

2/19/2010 // By David Mizejewski

By mid-February, even die-hard fans of winter are dreaming of getting outside into warmer weather.  Here is a list of some of my favorite nature and wildlife-related books to help take your mind to a warmer place as you await …

Animal Olympians – Part 2

2/18/2010 // By David Mizejewski

The second in our series on animals with gold-medal-worthy abilities in celebration of the Olympics. Lynx and Snowshoe HareWhen it comes to ability to navigate deep snows, it’s anyone’s guess whether the snowshoe hare or the lynx would take the …

Animal Olympians – Part 1

2/16/2010 // By David Mizejewski

The Olympics have begun!  While human Olympians have amazing physical abilities, for wild animals, strength, speed, agility and endurance mean more than just medals, they are a matter of survival.  Here is the first in a series of posts about …

NWF on Today Show – Be Out There!

1/8/2010 // By David Mizejewski

Did you know that by the time the average kid goes to kindergarten, he or she has already watched 5,000 hours of television?  That's enough time to earn a college degree!  If you think there's something wrong with that picture, …

Wildlife Vampires – Part 4

10/31/2009 // By David Mizejewski

Wildlife Vampires Series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Happy Halloween! We’ve saved the best for last. There are several species of diminutive candiru catfish that inhabit South American rivers. They seek out larger fish …

Wildlife Vampires – Part 3

10/30/2009 // By David Mizejewski

Wildlife Vampires Series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Oxpeckers and Vampire Finches There are several bird species that form symbiotic relationships with larger animals. The larger animals tolerate the birds’ presence on their bodies, …