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Mary Quattlebaum is the author of 15 award-winning children's books, including the Jackson Jones chapter-book series (Random House) about a boy and his adventures in a city community garden. Check for activities connected with Mary's books.

Old MacDonald Had a … Garden? 5 Tips to Make Your Vegetable Garden Wildlife-Friendly

4/6/2012 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Yes—Old MacDonald did have a garden!  Jo MacDonald, the granddaughter of the old gent in the popular children’s song, introduces kids to garden creatures in my new children’s book Jo MacDonald Had a Garden. And if he’s an eco-friendly kind of …

A Home-Grown Father’s Day Gift

6/13/2011 // By Mary Quattlebaum

One year my daughter made my husband what he considers his favorite Father’s Day gift: A garden.

Hummingbirds for Mother’s Day

5/3/2011 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum reviews Hummingbirds: Facts and Folklore from the Americas.

Bring on the Birds

Celebrate Birds and Poetry This Spring

4/25/2011 // By Mary Quattlebaum

April brings backyard birds and National Poetry Month! Your family can celebrate with a delightful rhyming picture book, Bring on the Birds

Girl exploring the garden

Spring Winds and Green Things

3/29/2011 // By Mary Quattlebaum

In spring, to borrow a few poetic phrases from Alfred Lord Tennyson, a young person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of … kite flying, dirt digging, seed planting and other outdoor activities.

Green Hearts for Valentine’s Day

2/7/2011 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Get tips for having a “green” Valentine’s Day with your kids this year.

Nature Gives the Family Respite During Holiday Hoopla

12/20/2010 // By Mary Quattlebaum

‘Tis the season … for baking, decorating, wrapping, snacking and lots of fa-la-la.  In the midst of the list-checking and merry-making, though, do you and your kids sometimes need to take a tranquil five (or 10 or 30)? Getting outside is a great way …

Girl in leaves

Thanking Nature for Bounty and Blessings

11/19/2010 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum shares a book about eight Earth Heroes who “gave back” to the natural world.

Robin in Tree

“Tweet” This: Start a Bird Journal

4/20/2010 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Children’s author Mary Quattlebaum inspires kids to keep tabs on the neighborhood flocks

Urban gardeners

How to Experience Nature in the City in Seven Days

3/16/2010 // By Mary Quattlebaum

Nature in the city? Nothing, nada, zip. Or at least that’s the popular myth. The reality is abundant, quirky, intriguing, green (and pink, brown, gray, black, sleek, furred and feathered). The reality is kids at public parks and urban nature centers. …