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Michael is Staff Scientist with the National Wildlife Federation’s Great Lakes office, with over two decades’ experience working on Great Lakes science and science-policy issues. In addition to extensive work on sources, cycling, impacts and policies around toxic chemicals (following his PhD work in environmental chemistry at the University of Wisconsin), Michael has had increasing experience in other areas, including science-policy aspects of aquatic invasive species, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and prioritization and other issues in Great Lakes restoration and protection. He has served on over two dozen technical advisory and other committees, and has authored or co-authored numerous papers, book chapters, and reports in various environmental science and science-policy areas.

Climate Adaptation Planning Gaining Momentum at Federal Level

11/21/2014 // By Michael Murray

Even if the federal government is moving slowly on the climate mitigation front, agencies are ramping up their efforts on climate adaptation, with a number of new reports, initiatives or tools coming out in recent months. Between the federal and …

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge (M. Murray)

Planning for Climate Change in Michigan Coastal Wetlands

11/4/2014 // By Michael Murray

How will Great Lakes coastal wetlands fare in a changing climate? It is clear that coastal areas may be subject to a diverse set of impacts, ranging from warmer water temperatures, significant water level changes, generally decreased ice cover, and increased spring storm events.


Protecting Wildlife from Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms

5/15/2014 // By Michael Murray

With spring here and summer on the way, many outdoor opportunities beckon, in particular recreation out on our lakes, rivers and streams. But warmer and longer days also mean the potential for a significant water problem: harmful algal blooms. These …

Revised Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Offers Renewed Guiding Framework for Restoration

9/7/2012 // By Michael Murray

An updated Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement was signed today in Washington, D.C., offering the hope for increased collaborative actions to protect and restore the Great Lakes. The Agreement has been described as a “North Star” guiding protection and restoration …

Water Samples Positive for Asian Carp Environmental DNA in Lake Erie

7/16/2012 // By Michael Murray

State and federal officials have announced that six water samples from Lake Erie have tested positive for Asian carp environmental DNA (eDNA). The samples were among over 400 samples taken in August of last year, and are the first positive …

Asian carp/ Photo courtesy USFWS

New Study: Asian Carp Are Clear Threat to Lake Erie

1/25/2012 // By Michael Murray

Asian carps could spawn and mature in Lake Erie and its tributaries. That is the conclusion of a new U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) study, which further highlights the need for more aggressive actions to prevent the invasive fishes from entering …