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What You Wish You Didn’t Know About Oil Spills

5/9/2010 // By Miles Grant

A few facts gathered by the National Wildlife Federation’s Senior Scientist, Doug Inkley… According to the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, about 3 million gallons of oil and refined oil are spill in U.S. waters every …

A Video Report from BP Oil Spill’s Surface

5/7/2010 // By Miles Grant

I finished this wind-blown clip just seconds before our boat captain hit the engines for home, worried a dispersant plane might fly over us.

Young Turtle Turned Red By BP Oil Spill

5/6/2010 // By Miles Grant

I hitched a ride out of the Mississippi River Delta town of Venice, LA yesterday with a local fishing boat captain concerned about the BP Oil Spill’s impact on wildlife. We found a ribbon of oil turned a rusty red …

NWF Staffers Spot Turtle Struggling in Oil Slick

5/4/2010 // By Miles Grant

The National Wildlife Federation took another boat trip today, gauging the impacts of the oil spill on Gulf Coast wildlife. This time, NWF’s Larry Schweiger and Karla Raettig spotted a turtle struggling in the oil slick: We alerted local wildlife …

NWF President Visits Louisiana Bird Rescue Center

5/4/2010 // By Miles Grant

Larry Schweiger, president & CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, visited the bird rescue center in Fort Jackson today: Help ensure NWF has the funding needed to be on the front lines helping wildlife >>   For all the latest …

Louisiana Fishing Boat Captain Reels in Spilled Oil

5/4/2010 // By Miles Grant

This is one of the fishing boat captains we’d chartered yesterday to provide tours of critical Gulf Coast wildlife habitats guided by National Wildlife Federation staffers. Today, he went out about 14 miles off Venice, LA and found the oil …

NWF President Talks to Rachel Maddow About BP Oil Spill

5/4/2010 // By Miles Grant

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow broadcast her show live last night from the Mississippi River Delta town of Venice, LA. Larry Schweiger, president & CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, joined her to discuss the ongoing BP oil spill: Visit msnbc.com for …

NWF President Visits Gulf Coast Oil Spill

5/3/2010 // By Miles Grant

Larry Schweiger, president & CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, is leading a team of NWF staffers to the areas impacted by the Gulf Coast oil spill. Oil continues to pour out of the Gulf floor just south of critical …

Sat PM Gulf Coast Oil Spill Update: Slick Triples in Size

5/1/2010 // By Miles Grant

From the Associated Press: The oil slick over the water’s surface appeared to triple in size over the past two days, which could indicate an increase in the rate that oil is spewing from the well, according to one analysis …

How Crews are Cleaning Oil-Covered Birds

5/1/2010 // By Miles Grant

To report oiled or injured wildlife in the Gulf Coast area, call 866-557-1401. You might have heard about the first oiled bird that was rescued yesterday in the Gulf. The northern gannet was found in the spill area, and is …