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Get it? Chairs?

Will Energy And Science Chairs Become Kindling For Post-Election Blaze?

12/8/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Late yesterday, the House GOP Steering Committee recommended Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) as the next chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. They could have chosen far, far worse (meanwhile, Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX), a climate denier, was picked …

Adorable, no?

South Of The Border, A Chance To Prove American Exceptionalism By Climate Leadership

12/1/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Whether you think of it as a meaningless political catchphrase or a legitimate ideal, ‘American exceptionalism’ is a hot topic now. I’ll wait over here while you fight about it. Done? Well, With almost 200 nations convening in Cancun this …

This isn't my family. For one thing, Cousin Billy actually has a massive face tattoo.

On The Record: Thinking Of Climate Change And Future Thanksgivings

11/24/2010 // By Max Greenberg

It’s almost Thanksgiving, when a nation’s thoughts turn to gratitude and familial concord. And low, low prices on consumer electronics, but whatever. Coming at the tail end of another tough year, many of us sorely need this day as an …

You remember this from your high school history textbook, right?

This Veterans Day, Consider The Consequences Of Our Oil Dependence

11/10/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Tomorrow, on Veterans Day, I want us to renew the fight for climate and energy action. I intend the above cartoon as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to full-throttle calls to arms of wars past, but I think it serves a purpose …