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Brittle starfish on impacted coral (Credit: Lophelia II 2010, NOAA OER & BOEMRE)

Coral Damage: How Long Will Gulf Oil Disaster Impacts Linger?

11/11/2010 // By Craig Guillot

“Decades and decades – if not hundreds of years.” That’s how long it could take coral affected by the Gulf oil disaster to recover, according to NWF Senior Scientist Doug Inkley. Read more >

New Evidence Gulf Oil Disaster Killing Corals

11/8/2010 // By Miles Grant

Seven miles from the BP oil gusher, researchers have discovered new evidence of the disaster’s impact on Gulf of Mexico’s ecosystem: Scientists have found evidence of “dramatic” damage to deep-sea coral near the site of the Gulf oil disaster, with […] Read more >

United Nations Reject Coral Protections

3/22/2010 // By germanom

Delegates at the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) rejected yesterday a proposal that would have regulated the trade of red and pink coral worldwide. The proposal, offered by the United States […] Read more >