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Line 6B Enbridge Energy

No Tar Sands Pipeline Construction Until True Impacts are Clear

5/19/2011 // By Beth Wallace

Pipelines are out of sight and often are out of mind for many Americans–including Congress and the agencies that regulate the pipelines. Last year I learned this lesson the hard way when parts of my hometown were devastated by a …

Jerry Gotschall

Nebraska Farmers Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline

2/1/2011 // By Nic Callero

Recently a colleague of mine Malinda Frevert had the opportunity to travel around the state of Nebraska and speak personally to local farmers and landowners who are concerned about the potential Keystone XL pipeline being routed directly through their farmland. …

Dirty Fuels Pipeline Feels Heat After Pressure from NWF and Partners

6/9/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

We did it! The State Department is listening and took a step back today from it's rush to build this unsafe 2,000 mile pipeline across six states. This is thanks to the hard work from NWF members and partners. Adding …