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(Photo from morguefile)

Conservation Photographer Offers 4 Photography Tips

11/18/2011 // By Marine Jaouen

Last week, I was able to chat with Gaston Lacombe, featured photographer at FotoweekDC, on his “Captive” series and conservation photography. Here, he offers 4 great tips for taking better pictures: Gaston’s photography tips Change your perspective – We spend …

Held Captive by Gaston: A Conversation with Photographer Lacombe

11/9/2011 // By Marine Jaouen

This week, I caught up with photographer Gaston Lacombe on his “Captive” series, currently on display at FotoWeek DC, a week-long photography festival with a special focus on human rights work, environmental projects, and more. Lacombe’s work captivated me and …