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Parts of the Bird

Rosemary Mosco’s Hilarious Comics Blend Nature, Science and Fun

10/28/2013 // By Danielle Brigida

There’s something magical about learning and laughing at the same time – especially around nature and wildlife. Visiting Rosemary Mosco’s website or Facebook page encourages both with great success.  She’s a refreshing blend of comic artist and educator, mixing the often disparate worlds …

YouTube video

Red Panda Loses Mind Over Pumpkin

3/21/2013 // By Miles Grant

I don’t have much to say about this video other than it’s making the rounds on the internet, it was shot at the Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo, Japan, and it’s incredibly cute. OK, I do have one thing to say: Every …

penguin that leaps

It’s Hard Out Here For a Penguin

3/13/2013 // By Miles Grant

I’ve always assumed penguins, through the magic of evolution, must be specially adapted to living life on ice and rocks. Wrong! As graceful as they are in the water, they’re just as clumsy on land. As these bloopers from BBC’s …

Pigeon Takes on Eagles

10/21/2009 // By Miles Grant

I’m a big football fan, but it’s not often I get to do a football-related post here on Wildlife Promise. Here’s a clip from one of Sunday’s games that featured a pigeon following the players up and down the field. …