Rush Limbaugh and Global Warming

NWF   |   April 29, 2006

I see where conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh signed a plea agreement for misleading several doctors who gave him pain killers.  I wonder what kind of plea agreement Limbaugh will get for misleading millions of Americans about global warming?

A man who lies to his own doctors has less restraint when speaking to his radio listeners.  Limbaugh should have lost his credibility a years ago but for whatever reason, his spin on the world is still being listened to by millions of people who want to believe in a world created by Rush.

One of the claims his lawyers made to get more favorable treatment by the courts was that Rush was not hurting anyone else–only himself.  Well, his lies about global warming inspires opponents to pollution control and prevents progress in Washington on this urgent issue.  Our failure to act in a timely way will harm millions.

The tobacco industry lost many legal battles in recent years because they knew the truth about tobacco and promoted lies about its safety causing many unnecessary deaths.  Misleading information about the growing threat of global warming is far more dangerous to hundreds of millions of innocent people all over the planet as coastal storms intensify, sea levels rise and droughts and deserts expand.   Real people are being harmed!

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Published: April 29, 2006