U.S. House Votes to Leave No Child Left Inside!

Environmental EducationRemember the good old days of field trips and watching your classroom’s tadpoles “magically” develop into frogs? Well, some Congressmembers must too, because on September 18th, the U.S. House voted to pass the No Child Left Inside Act!

Passing with bipartisan support, the No Child Left Inside Act is designed to provide the funding and resources necessary to help teachers bring hands-on environmental education back to our nation’s schools.

With environmental and energy issues standing as two of the top concerns for our children’s generation, it’s become more important than ever to educate America’s future leaders on conservation issues and help a “plugged-in generation” re-connect with nature.

Numerous studies show–and anyone recalling their childhood for that matter knows–there are so many benefits for kids who spend more time outdoors. While reduced anxiety, improved concentration and better physical health are just a few of the personal benefits, developing a strong sense of connection to nature at a young age will also help to make today’s kids tomorrow’s leading conservationists.

Following the bill’s strong bipartisan support in the House, we’ll need your help to keep the momentum going to ensure similar legislation passes in both chambers during next year’s Congress.

Please find out how your representative voted on this important bill for environmental education, and hold them accountable for their vote.

And thanks again to the thousands of parents and supporters of this bill for helping reach this huge victory!