WorldChanging Lists “Majors Making a Difference”

NWF   |   October 22, 2008

Since its launch, WorldChanging has been known for its innovative and game-changing solutions, and this week they’re having a look at colleges and universities.

The feature on School Sustainability is worth a look, as it breaks down some good choices for study in Environmental Law, Sustainable Engineering Conservation Biology, and other sustainability-focused programs both in the US and abroad. There’s even a (very short) discussion of "Generation-E," which we’ve addressed before, student activism, and a quick note on the race between colleges themselves in becoming sustainable as institutions. 

While I’m sure a few more posts are coming down the pipeline in the next few days, so far I think the undergrad and grad school listings are the most valuable, particularly for students looking for top-tier training in environmental work. Deeper analysis of institutional sustainability can be found all kinds of places, and youth activism, whatever its stripe, is nothing new around here.


Speaking of campus activism, have you signed the PowerVote pledge yet? Nothing scary (you’re not signing away your future children, I promise), it’s just a way to show your commitment to clean energy in the looming election.