350 New Plant and Wildlife Species Discovered In The Himalayan Region

A decade of surveying in the Himalayas has brought some wonderful surprises to the wildlife and nature conservation world.

Xinhuanet.com reports:

Flying_frog_277939“Over 350 new species, including the world’s smallest deer, a ‘flying frog’ and a 100-million-year old gecko have been discovered in the eastern Himalayas, a biological treasure trove now threatened by climate change,” the World Wildlife Fund’s Nepal chapter said in Kathmandu Monday, releasing the report in which the findings have been documented. … The eastern Himalayas are now known to harbor a staggering 10,000 plant species, 300 mammal species, 977 bird species, 176 reptiles, 105 amphibians and 269 types of freshwater fish. The region also has the highest density of the Bengal tiger and is the last bastion of the charismatic greater one-horned rhino.   See full article.