Worldwide Survey: Publics Want More Government Action on Climate Change

UN A survey of over 18,500 people in 19 nations by has found high levels of public support for government action on addressing climate change. reports:

“A new poll of 19 nations from around the world finds that majorities in 15 think their government should put a higher priority on addressing climate change than it does now. This includes the largest greenhouse gas emitters: China (62% want more action), the U.S. (52%), and Russia (56%).   In all but three nations, most people think their government should give climate change a relatively high priority (6-10 on a 0-10 scale: on average 7.33). However in only four nations do most people think that is what their government is doing. The poll also found that people tend to underestimate how high a priority their fellow citizens place on addressing climate change, with twice as many people saying they are above average than saying they are below average.”     See full article.

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Published: August 1, 2009