Great News on Clean Energy: Cape Wind Approved

Lots of news today on the Gulf Coast oil spill. But before I get to the bad news, I wanted to share some good news.

Yesterday, the Interior Department announced its approval of Cape Wind, America’s first offshore wind farm, after a nine-year battle:

“The approval of Cape Wind is a great victory for area residents,” said Curtis Fisher, Regional Executive Director of National Wildlife Federation’s Northeastern Regional Center. “Offshore wind power will mean more jobs, increased energy independence and reduced carbon pollution.”

Wind power developer First Wind shared pictures on its Facebook page of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar visiting a new wind farm in Utah this week. Thought it was pretty cool because Salazar didn’t just do a quick walk-around — he actually went up into the turbine. Check it out:


You can follow First Wind on Twitter or on Facebook.

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Published: April 29, 2010