My Messy Garden – Part III: Why I Blame the Birds

Photo by Anne Senft

To catch up on this blog series, please read My Messy Garden Part I and Part II.

Oh, how I love the birds that visit the feeder on my deck!

Oh, how I hate the “love” they leave for me to clean up!

I’m a neat freak. So, when the mourning doves arrive in droves, I know my deck will receive a natural, but unwelcome “whitewashing”. And, to add insult to injury, the blue jays insist on nicking up the wood railing in their aggressive attempts to open seeds with their beaks.

Birds also have their own ideas on what plants should be added to our garden. While they might point their accusatory wings at the wind (and, they would be partially right), it’s likely that some of the weeds in our backyard can be blamed on the seed dispersing skills of these clever avians.

Ok, ok.  I’m not really angry at the birds for the chaos they leave behind.  To be honest, I’m a little jealous. Can I sing like a goldfinch?  Dance like a hummingbird?  Turn heads like a cardinal?  No, no and no.

I can’t do any of those things.  But, I can sit and enjoy all of our feathered friends when they visit me on a lazy Sunday morning. And, as we celebrate this last stretch of Garden for Wildlife Month, I can stop and reflect on the constant joy they have brought me over the years.

Let’s face it.  I can clean the deck next weekend.  It will probably rain by then anyway.

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